Founded in 2006 by Yvette Tai-Coquillay, the LABO ETHNIK started the same year in Paris.

« From the beginning, our objective was to become the window giving more visibility to Africans designers. »

 In 10 years, 10 editions, LABO ETHNIK has welcomed designers from every corner of Africa to showcase their work and meet both diverse audiences and African fashion enthusiasts.

Over the years, LABO ETHNIK has established itself as a pioneer, leader and reference for ethnic fashion industry through brand awareness and visibility for many African designers globally.

NOW The story goes … online

In 2019, we launched OFENDJI in Paris – an online retail destination that aims to connect customers worldwide with the best of African fashion designed by the continent’s most extraordinary artisans and designers. Through this portal, OFENDJI is overcoming borders and bridging nations by representing Africa's diverse contemporary fashion and bringing it right to your doorstep.

Here, you’ll only find slow fashion, eco lux pieces with modern accents from sustainable fashion businesses. From handcrafted accessories to cult pieces, we have it all.

Shop through our sustainable fashion platform for a stimulating experience and unprecedented insight into authentic African fashion through festive colours, bold prints, and intricate designs.

However, it's important to note that there’s more to it than the mainstream narrative surrounding African culture. Today, OFENDJI is redefining these views by encouraging intercultural trade. 


It’s amazing how fashion can be a lot more than just a piece of clothing or accessory; it has an incredibly complex relationship with culture and identity. African fashion, for one, has a long history with roots. By purchasing an extraordinary handmade piece, you can instantly be transported to another land and be able to gain insight into the incredible history behind it.

At OFENDJI, we all have a shared love for contemporary African fashion. And wish to translate this love by making these exceptional, handcrafted pieces accessible to all, for often, it is the unknown that touches us in mysterious ways. We feel privileged to be able to use this portal to shine a light on our culture, history, and voices by giving a platform to promising new talents and designers to exhibit their creations. 


Words like sustainable fashion, slow fashion, and conscientiousness are often thrown around very casually. However, we don't really stop to think about what they mean. We, as consumers, hold so much power to change the world just by shopping responsibly.

Here at OFENDJI, we promote fashion brands that promote slow fashion and sustainability, which means consuming quality-based and not time-based pieces, thereby unifying slower production with ethical and ecological manners.

OFENDJI is playing a crucial role in being kinder to the planet and its people. So, join hands with us today and help strengthen our initiative.

Through your purchases, we’ve been able to provide for the families of the craftsmen and donate to the Orphelins de Beni in the east of the Democratic Republic.

We dream of creating a platform where we could promote the financial independence of African women and share our rich culture beyond borders. And with your support and trust, we've been able to become an indispensable platform to Africa's fashion landscape.

We hope you’ll be able to appreciate the hard work that has gone into each stitch and love the pieces as much as we love bringing them to you.

Thank you for your contribution