One story, one life!

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The 1st African fashion show in Europe

We did it ! We say It!

I launched this crazy adventure in 2006 in Montreuil, with whom? People even crazier than me: I named: My husband Francois Coquillay, followed by our friend and brother-in-law Djoe Dunoyer.

And immediately, joined the idea: Alvina Karamoko, Corinne Cougis Allias Koko, and Natacha Bakala all these people tirelessly for 10 years!

With the support of the City of Paris, Le Labo Ethnik is the first unique show of its kind in France.

A pioneering concept in Europe and the center of African creativity, which has revolutionized and transformed the dictates of fashion in its entirety. In a decade, it has offered young African designers the opportunity to exhibit their collections to a national and international audience, fashion influencers and professionals.

In 10 editions, the Ethnik Lab has risen to the rank of pioneer and has become a true institution in the world, and an unmissable annual meeting.

The shows of the best of Africa in Paris

Yvette Tai, founder and director of Labo Ethnik

Vincent Mac Doum, artistic director - 2014 Edition

The creator Arti Ifrach


Tiguida and other models take their first step at Labo ethnik

The place to be!

The Parsian cream is there!

Young brands excel!

South African designer Maxhosa is launched!

The audacity of the creators

A range of African brands parade in Paris

The 1st conferences on African fashion in France

We debate African fashion:

production, representation, visibility, market, support...

Breathtaking shows!

Fashion, fashion, African fashion is in place

The Ethnik Lab, a pure product!

The Ethnik Lab, a meeting where dreams were made come true thanks to magic in the air!

Thanks everyone!