Yvette Tai, founder of Ofendji

I am passionate about fashion and creation. I have always been convinced that work done by hand with care, by artisans, in small workshops always has more soul and love, and ultimately, the product gives more character to your style and even to your lifestyle! In 2006, I committed myself body and soul, by organizing 10 editions, in 10 years, of the Labo Ethnik show in the heart of Paris, which aimed to highlight young African creation and beyond.

I invite you to read in the “BEFORE” section, my activities in Paris, I posted some of the photos. Today, I live in Rabat, I am an events consultant and I manage the online store www.ofendji.com

I am a bargain hunter at heart, I have traveled to more than a hundred countries to discover stories, cultures and pearls... hence the idea of ​​creating this blog to share with you my discoveries, my desires , my ideas, my lifestyle… and love not to be forgotten!

My motto is: Let's be fashionable and stay Down-to-Earth for our Planet!