OFENDJI, the African Creations Counter

Yvette Tai-Coquillay, founder and director of OFENDJI

For the record, in 2006, I founded LABO ETHNIK, the 1st African fashion show in the Parisian suburb of Montreuil, a unique event of its kind, very quickly publicized, in its 2nd edition, the show is invited to exhibit in the heart of Paris, supported by the Mayor of Paris.

A pioneering concept in Europe, a laboratory of trends and African creativity which has revolutionized and shaken up the dictates of fashion in its entirety.

In a decade, it has offered young designers of African origin the opportunity to exhibit their collections to a national and international audience, both fashion influencers and professionals.

In 10 editions, LABO ETHNIK has risen to the rank of pioneer and leader, it quickly becomes a real institution in the world and an unmissable annual meeting in Paris.

Our mission continues...online

In 2018, following life changes, we went digital, with the same dream and the same spirit, making emerging African brands accessible to consumers around the world.

Since then, we are happy to announce that this family and Franco-African business has gained new momentum by moving towards the construction of this online sales platform that we have named OFENDJI, which means "the best of oneself" in an ethnic language of Congo.

With our community of fashion makers, we wish to offer you the best of Africa.

Our engagement

OFENDJI brings together small, affordable luxury businesses, and offers a wide choice of young, completely unknown, strong and socially eco-responsible brands.

All the brands on board are concerned with placing craftsmanship, respect for human conditions, ecology and the environment at the center of their creation.

Don't hesitate, join OFENDJI and also contribute to leaving a greener planet for future generations.

OFENDJI currently distributes more than 50 brands in 30 countries around the world, and has become the e-shop for all those who love fashion, creation, and the story behind each product.

OFENDJI, offers you clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes, decorative objects, well-being products, and much more.

All these products have been established in different price segments and are within the reach of all budgets.

On OFENDJI, each of your purchases, 1% is donated to the SENEF association in order to offer free access to medical care structures and education to orphans in Béni, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Additionally, as most products are of high quality and handcrafted, your purchases will promote the financial independence and freedom of women working for cooperatives in Africa.

We thank you for your support and your unwavering trust, because it is thanks to you that we have been able to become an indispensable asset in the African fashion landscape.

We want to continue to serve you as best as possible

Our motto: “Buy little, buy quality, buy responsibly” and we want to translate this into everything we offer.”