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Earrings - Meru

Earrings - Meru

“Original earrings for your style!”

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“Meru” is the name of Mount Meru is a mythical mountain considered to be the axis of the world in certain mythologies.

Rope earrings, with knot detail adorned with gold-plated beads, custom brass finishes and titanium pin.

Each earring weighs 5 grams and measures 6 cm long.

Each piece is a talisman, handcrafted from unexpected organic materials and transformed into distinctive shapes that share the stories of courageous women and celebrate empowering female narratives. A PICHULIK piece of jewelry is distinguished by its innovative and sculptural use of repurposed rope, embellished with a variety of unique castings and exotic found materials.

PICHULIK collections pay homage to the innate bravery and beauty of all women, everywhere, as echoed in the words "You've had enough."


Rope-shaped earrings, with knot detail adorned with gold-plated pearls

Each piece of jewelry measures 6 cm long.

Color Beige and Gold or Black and gold


Made in South Africa


To ensure longevity, handle and store this part with great care. Avoid bending the hoop pin as this may result in breakage.

To maintain gold earrings, avoid contact with perfume as this may affect the plating.

We advise you to store this piece of jewelry individually.

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