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Yelli jewels

Amazigh bracelet

Amazigh bracelet

“an exceptional piece of jewelry on the wrist!”

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Thick square link chain with the Amazigh rose

Unisex ethnic bracelet

This bracelet with imposing square links is an essential part of the collection that will adorn your wrist every day. The rosette, flower of life, is the universal symbol of cycles and cosmic harmonics.

According to the Amazigh belief, the rosettes form triangles whose point at the top symbolizes fire and virility, the point at the bottom evokes water and symbolizes femininity.


Thick square link chain with Amazigh rose

Silver 925


Techniques: Chiseling and Bonding

Rosette diameter: 2 cm

Hours of craft work: 7


Avoid showering with your jewelry at all costs and remember to remove it when washing your hands.

Try not to wear your jewelry when you sleep or play sports.

Clean your jewelry using a leather chamois and a product intended for silverware care. You can also use a toothbrush and baking soda or toothpaste.

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