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Milles Collines

Ethnic necklace - Blue Bongani

Ethnic necklace - Blue Bongani

“The original piece around your neck!”

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A majestic and unique bronze mesh necklace

3 micron gold plated finishes

Adjustable size thanks to its silky drawstring


Sisal is a natural fiber derived from the leaves of the “agave sisalana” cactus; it is commonly used in Rwanda for weaving baskets, rugs and has also been used in traditional architecture.

You must allow 7 days for the production of your order


Manufacturing in Rwanda

You must allow 7 days for the production of your order and the delivery time to receive it at your home


To ensure longevity, handle and store this part with great care. Avoid bending the hoop pin as this may result in breakage.

To maintain gold earrings, avoid contact with perfume as this may affect the plating.

We advise you to store this piece of jewelry individually.

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